Jacqueline Desmet – Artist

Born in 1959 in Gent, Belgium. Jacqueline Desmet is professionally active for more than 25 years with art. Those acquainted with Jacqueline’s work recognise the joy of life and touch of humor within each piece. Mirrored expression and emotion are displayed. She makes no images but illustrates each sculpture in simplicity.
The first years of her carreer, Jacqueline worked predominantly with ceramics but gradually bronze, glass and porcelain also claims an important place in her work.
The ecstasy of an image that gradually grows in my hands and comes to life gives me wings. The picture in my head is already finished before I start with clay or wax. I rarely draw. I always think in 3 dimensions. What fascinates me is that the perfect imperfections in every creature, human or animal are present, the vulnerable personality, each with its own distinctive qualities and narrow edges. I love working with colour, it may be very apparent. Other images demand quieter accents. It
just depends on how I communicate with the sculpture to eventually finish its form. The process of producing every sculpture gives me a lot of joy. I wish you the same pleasure and happiness “


High baked figurative sculptures

Mixed media and glass

Handmade creations in glass


True-to-life colorful bronze statues, also garden statues


Led lighting in porcelain armature

Reliefs/ Burned Pannels

Wall panels, assemblies with porcelain

Art galleries

Knokke Zoute – Antwerp – Ootmarsum (NL)

My works are permanently exposed at:

Galerie d’Haudrecy

Zeedijk 779


Galerie De ruimte

Molenstraat 2

5664 HV Geldrop

Galerie Chez moi Ton Schulten

Gasthuisstraat 3-6


26-29 mei
4-6 juni

Satisfied clients

Happy photos: pictures on location


Company: HetSant Com.V

Parklaan 22/7, 2300 Turnhout

IBAN: BE72 0688 9043 9516

BTW: 0825 978 655


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